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What the candidates for VP Services and Communications had to say when we sat down with them in campaigns week.


Jeddy Buxton 

VP Services and Communications

My Manifesto is all about keeping the student in the know, it’s about making sure they are aware of the great opportunities we offer at NTSU and making sure we pull them in to get them involved. First of all we’ve got ‘being in the know’ as a core component, it consists of developing a smart phone app which allows students to purchase events tickets, allows them to keep up to date with their society information it also host another part of our manifesto which is our loyalty scheme. The loyalty scheme is to keep the students involved in the SU as long as they can.

– What are the most important changes you would want to make if you were given the role?

Firstly is the NTSU App that we want to bring into play. We want to keep NTSU and the student connected and visa versa, this is highlighted in our next point the ‘Trent Works’ program this is about getting Trent students connected to local businesses. Another thing we have highlighted in the manifesto is allowing students to use the SU on a scholarship scheme.


Fraser Beattie 

VP Services and Communications

Next year if elected one of the main points I’d like to bring in is better communication for all local, commuting and non-halls Freshers. I would like to improve on NTU welcome week and increase awareness of re-Freshers week. Improve relations between exec and students, bring daytime activities into the SU and introduce RAG Christmas and Valentines Balls.

– What are the most important changes you would want to make if you were given the role?

Probably the most important for me would be the communication between NTSU and the non-halls Freshers. Myself I am from Nottingham and in my first year I didn’t really hear about Freshers Week to be honest, which meant I didn’t take part and found it harder to meet people initially because you don’t feel so much as a part of the university.


Jeremiah Jez Anson 

VP Services and Communications

First of all I’m going to try and get more live acts across all SU venues, I am going to try and use the Trent DJ platform to try and get more students performing in SU venues, events like ‘Quids in’ and ‘Levels’, I know we’ve already got one in place but I feel like I would take the advertising to another level so students were fully aware that, that was available.

– What are the most important changes you would want to make if you were given the role?

Well the three most important points would be in my manifesto, I have four main points on my manifesto, but I would say the live performances are a huge on for me because, ‘Climax’ is good but with Tinie Tempah, when they got him in there was such a hype around that and no one even knew he was coming, it was so last minute and spontaneous but it worked so well, so I feel like if it’s worked so well why not incorporate in to the year constantly.

IMG_9215Chantelle Farr

VP Services and Communications 

So firstly I want to concentrate on welcome week, Fresher rep training personally I think was a bit of a shambles this year and it kind of tends to be a pointless day, so I want to make it a lot more interactive and a lot more relevant and focus a lot more on mental health, then I want to focus on retail and entertainments I want to improve the availability of healthy foods around the shops and throughout the venues.

– What are the most important changes you would want to make if you were given the role?

The first major change is definitely the Fresher rep training because that will be the first thing that VP Services does throughout the year, before Freshers Week even begins. I think that kind of sets up the year because that sets up how the Fresher’s experience of Uni is going to begin. 

Mel Brooks

Deputy News Editor


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