£700 for a tank: Do you agree?


If you were walking around Clifton campus on Monday, or the city site on Tuesday, you can’t have failed to spot a tank.

The SU had hired one to promote their last day of term night out and also produced a short video which was posted on their Facebook page.

Here's the tank driving about on the city site
The tank in question on the city site

If you’ve not seen the video by now, here it is: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10152053737017620

The tank spent a day on Clifton campus and was then on the city site for a further day.

But Platform can reveal that the SU paid £700 to hire the tank just for those two days.

Some people have expressed their bemusement at such a large fee, especially when it is predominantly to promote the SU’s night on the last day of term that will almost certainly sell out anyway.

However, the SU’s entertainment branch, who hired the tank, believe it was a great marketing tool.

The tank in question, on Clifton campus
… and on the Clifton campus

VP for Services Marcus Boswell said: “The tank promotion had a particularly high impact; a video posted on Facebook about it had a reach of over 21,000 people and as I’m sure you appreciate, reaching this number of people through traditional methods of marketing would have been at least as costly and, we believe wouldn’t have had such a strong impact.

“We have a set budget for marketing and promotion and while some of our events require relatively little spent on promotion, there are occasionally one-off events that we feel warrant more attention.

“When making these decisions we always try to ensure that the amount spent on promotion is justified by the money that we expect an event to take, and the success of this is demonstrated by the fact that we run a profitable programme of events.”

In the same week that they’ve announced they’ll be running a puppy room over the exam period, after one in four Trent students voted in this year’s NTSU elections, it’s clear the SU are willing to be a little creative with their ideas.

But was £700 for a fairly small tank, and a very short promotional video, a step too far? Couldn’t this money have been spent in a better way?

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George Solomon


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  • Ross

    Seems a waste of money to so extravagantly market a night that sells out every term, every year with just online marketing and a few flyers. Bad management decision, worrying to think that this man is going to become SU president tommorrow by default, think what £700 could have done for a sports club or society, or even better a local charity.