Elections Results Night: 22/03/14


The last two weeks have seen candidates and their campaigners take to the streets and take over social media with the hope that they will muster up enough votes to be elected into the Students’ Union Executive Committee for 2014/15. Last Saturday, at the new Students’ Union, the results were finally announced.

The crowd erupted and the night began as the host for the evening, Students’ Union President 2013/14, Jo Southwell-Sander, made her way to the stage to start her opening speech. After warming up the crowd and running through the procedure for securing a position, the announcing of the results commenced.

Marcus Boswell was elected as President for 2014/15
Marcus Boswell was elected as President for 2014/15

The positions for Part Time Student Officers, Student Trustees, and NUS Delegates were the first to be revealed. Dan Drew was elected as Mature Students’ Officer, Paula McCauley secured the position of BME Students’ Officer with 1305 votes, Gavin Jones-Verity received 857 votes to earn the position of LGBT Student’s Officer, Lola Idris became Women Students’ Officer with 869 votes, and after being taken to a second round Jack Waring was elected as Disabled Student’s Officer.

All of the candidates who ran for the positions of NUS Delegates won, beating RON (Re-open nominations) to cement their place on the committee for 2014/15; and Alexander Booth and Ben King were elected as Student Trustees.

After a short break, the night resumed and moved on to the Part-Time Executive positions (Liaison officers for all three campus’). The position of Brackenhurst Liaison Officer was won by Arthur Sauverin, City Liaison Officer went to Alex Head after receiving 1710 votes, and Clifton Liaison Officer was secured by Tom ‘Briefcase’ Walsh with 1279 votes.

Josh Eloi beat Laury Pop for the position of VP Welfare & Community 2014/15
Josh Eloi beat Laury Pop for the position of VP Welfare & Community 2014/15

After two weeks of hard-campaigning and endless interviews, the anxiously waiting candidates for positions on the Full-time Executive Committee could finally sit back as current VP Activities, Liz McCluskey, took to the stage and the results for their positions were announced.

First up was the position of President. The only candidates running for the position were Marcus Boswell, the current VP Services & Communication, and RON, so it was to no surprise that Marcus was elected for the position of President for 2014/15. However, Marcus broke an NTSU Elections record as he secured the most votes ever by a student by 1244 votes after securing 4018 votes.

Next up was VP Welfare & Community, which was a hard-fought battle between Josh Eloi, otherwise known as ‘The man on the horse’, and Laury Pop. It was a close race, but Josh’s ‘Stay Fresh, Vote Josh’ campaign paid off as he received 1639 votes and secured the position of VP Welfare & Community 2014/15.

After five victorious rounds, Lizzy Kelly was elected as VP Activities 2014/15
After five victorious rounds, Lizzy Kelly was elected as VP Activities 2014/15

The position of VP Activities had six candidates, excluding RON, and was taken to a fifth round. RON, Gareth Powell and Carrie Bater were the first three candidates to be knocked out, followed by Kristen Nicole Guthrie. With none of the candidates reaching the threshold by this stage, it was down to Lizzy Kelly, Rosie Wilson, and Julian Robertson. Still the threshold was not reached, and Julian was knocked out of the race, leaving Lizzy and Rosie. After winning all of the previous rounds, Lizzy beat the threshold with 1447 votes and was elected to succeed Liz McCluskey as VP Activities for 2014/15.

Both Jeremiah Anson and Paddy Atkinson won every round to secure their position; Jeremiah as VP Services and Communication and Paddy as VP Sports for a second term; though all candidates in both positions did extremely well. The final position of the night was VP Education and representation, which went to Matthew Scrimshaw after he received 1835 votes.

So after nearly 7,000 votes, the highest ever for an NTSU Election, your new Exec for 2014/15 is: Marcus Boswell – President, Josh Eloi – VP Welfare & Community, Lizzy Kelly – VP Activities, Paddy Atkinson – VP Sport, Jeremiah Anson – VP Services and Communication, and Matthew Scrimshaw – VP Education and Representation.


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