Time to Change, The UK’s biggest and most successful mental health campaign

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Mental health problems are common – but nearly nine out of ten people who experience them say they face stigma and discrimination as a result. This can be even worse than the symptoms themselves. Started in 2007, Time to Change is England’s biggest programme to challenge mental health stigma and discrimination.TTC

TTC1Since then, it has reached millions of people across England through its tireless campaigning and has begun to improve public attitudes towards people with mental health problems. Time to Change commission an important annual survey which asks a representative sample of the English population questions about their knowledge, attitudes and intended behaviour towards people with mental health problems. In the most recent survey, conducted at the end of 2012, the sample size was 1727. The results from this survey show an overall 3.6% improvement in public attitudes between 2008 and 2012 – this is particularly encouraging as before 2008, the trend was going in a negative direction. Between 2011 and 2012 alone there was a 1.3% improvement in public attitudes.

TTC2With emphasis on ‘time to talk’ the campaign works to get people in the UK talking about mental health in an attempt to rid the UK of the ignorance that surrounds mental health problems.

How you can help

Follow- https://twitter.com/timetochange

Like- https://www.facebook.com/timetochange

  • Volunteer for Time to Change at their events
  • Sign the pledge to end mental health discrimination wall
  • Become a Champion! Time to Change Champions are people with lived experience of mental health problems (including carers) who campaign to end mental health discrimination in their communities. The Champions network is an opportunity to meet like-minded people and campaign together to change attitudes and behaviour.
  • Get your workplace involved
  • TALK about mental health. Talk to your friends, colleagues and family. Help to make mental health a non-taboo subject.

Visit the Time to Change website and get involved or learn more- http://www.time-to-change.org.uk/take-action

Megan Burn