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Last week I met with the candidates running for VP Activities and asked them to give me their manifesto in 30 seconds and here is what they had to say. 

KristenKristen Guthrie – VP Activities 

I want to be able to provide good representation for both society and RAG events that are being held in the SU and that’s anywhere from room books and get the grants to hold those events. I also want to make it easier for students to actually volunteer with the companies that they want to volunteer with.

What makes you right for the job?

I think I have a good amount of experience especially society wise I have been involved in societies for the last two years. Christian Unions and drama society have I have been on the committee for both this year and also this year I have been on the House Executive for Societies representing Faith Societies. So I think I have good experience and doing all three of those this year I have been able to build up my stamina and organisation skills with VP Activities you have to take care of different things, I know I will be able to handle different sectors and give fair and equal time to all of them.

Julian Robertson – VP Activities Gareth

 If I’m elected then I am going to try to create a society varsity series to combine it with RAG and also raise a lot of money for RAG. I want to put the decisions back into societies hands, such as elections, merchandising. Training sessions everything to do with how they run put the decisions back into their hands or give them options on how to do it. I want to encourage local links because I know there are a lot of local links in the community for societies and also I want to increase promotion of society events at the SU for RAG obviously the societies varsity which is big but also I want to make voting on RAG charities and also increase the amount of RAG events at all the campus’.

What makes you right for the job?

I’ve been at the university for four years now, I’ve represented three sports teams in BUCS and I have ran the drama society being the Vice President and the President meaning that I have been involved with big budgets I’ve got the experience with thousands of pounds worth of budgets I’ve got the experience of putting on big events and local theatres to the public not just students, we won society event of the year and we were nominated as well, so I know what goes on with it.

Passport photoRosie ‘Panda’ Wilson

My main points are I would like to give the committees within the societies extra help so more contact with myself trying to organise some more local challenges such as Hope Challenge so that the people who are raining money for Kilimanjaro can do something more local. Try and make the volunteer’s site more accessible. Start a society newsletter to run three times a term so that people will be able to see what big and small societies will be able to say what they are up to what events they are holding, what they are planning to do for the rest of the year, this way everyone gets a fair chance to be seen as well as me being able to see who’s doing what in their societies and how well it is being run.

What makes you right for the job?

I feel that my experience on a committee will help me to under the society world I feel that my experience in the volunteering world and fundraising will help me because I spent a year in the volunteering and marketing section of a well known charity so I think I will be able to work well with people to be able to develop it into something more.

Gareth Powell – VP Activities Julian

Manifesto: Basically what I am running on is a platform for more freedom for societies because there are a lot of issues with societies not getting what they want and I believe that there is something that the Student Union can do to bring back some of these freedoms, such as getting their own hoodies, where they can get their kit from and generally being able to try out new ideas. Because I think there has been a stagnation and I think that people are just going along with the status quo and I think we need some new fresh ideas in there.

What makes you right for the job?

Experience I think I have been the president of the Warlock society for two years and while I was president we have gone from a handful of members to 100 on the books so I think I have got the experience to organise and manager time. The current VP activities I did part of her job last year, as Vice Chair of the Assembly which essentially meant fill in for her at meetings. But I think most of all is that I have loved being a part of the society and the people that I have met and I want to give people the unique opportunities that I have had.

Carrie?Carrie Bater – VP Activities 

Manifesto: the biggest point of my manifesto is to make sure that more students are actually getting involved with activities currently only 1 in 5 students are actually apart of student activities and really is that many when you think about it so I want to increase the opportunities and heightened the awareness of all the different societies and other things that we have actually got on offer and let students know that it isn’t just Fresher’s week that you can sign up it is at any point in their university career. I also want to create a one day SocFest where every society will be expected to put on a show case exactly what they want to do to give students hands on experience then I think it will be a good way to showcase other societies.

What make

s you right for the job?

I have got a got a couple of years of experience with in the Students Union and I am currently RAG’s President and I work along side quite closely with Trent Media, Trent Volunteering and a lot of other societies so I have got a really good understanding of the way that the Union works together in all expects of student activities I also think I am quite a fun and approachable person and that if someone had a new and fresh idea or an issue that they would feel like they could approach me and talk about it.

Lizzy Kelly – VP Activities 

lizzyManifesto: My main manifesto point is to change the culture of the city SU currently its very under used societies don’t understand that they do have the ability to book out certain parts of the venue and I think booking them out and having more activities in it will encourage more people to get involved. I want society committees to have more training session at the moment you have to go to any three out of the 12 to have the grant money I think we need to up that or change it as people will go to the first three and then not bother but I think its important that they go and take something from it. Finally I want there to be more exposure for RAG and Give it a Go Week, as this year they didn’t get enough coverage.

What makes you right for the job?

I think through my involvement with the Student Union in general I work for the union, I am a student supervisor and I have worked for them since the last term of my first year. I know a lot about the behind the scenes of the union I know a lot about the pressures that are on them from the bar point of view the actually Ents point of view who you have to go through to book out the areas and the Exec I understand about what goes on there, also my role as head of marketing I understand the needs of the society which I think is a vital thing because I think you need to know the different aspects and that different societies have different needs. Finally I am social secretary for RAG so I have loads of responsibilities.

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Helena Smith – News Editor 

Photography  by Emma- Louise Kelly 


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