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I caught up with the candidates running for VP Sport and this is what each of them had to say about the position and their goals for the future.

IMG_9064Paddy Atkinson

Platform: “What is your manifesto in 30 seconds?”

Paddy: “The main two points of my manifesto are to make sure sports clubs get as much funding as they can… I want to lobby the university to get more funding. I also want to increase committee training, at the minute it’s not very interesting, it’s not very interactive, it’s not particularly interesting… I want to spruce it up, redo it and make people a bit more inspired about their roles.”

Platform: “So what makes you the strongest candidate above all the others?”

Paddy: “I think the main thing is that I’ve already been in the job for a year… I’ve learnt a hell of a lot, I’ve built relationships with the university, with the student union, and I feel that it will help me make a really big change next year.

Platform: “How important is communication in this role?”

Paddy: “I think it’s massively important. At the minute I think the role is a little bit too operational… I think my role should be a lot more representational, I want to get out there and talk to students more, and that’s what I’m really hoping to do next year.


Lawry Cook

Platform: “What is your manifesto in 30 seconds?”

Lawry: “One of the main points is to improve the branding of varsity by introducing the season ticket once again. Another point is to improve the branding and process of BUCS Wednesday fixtures. Also, my third point is to improve coaching and first aid courses at the Uni.

Platform: “What makes you the strongest candidate?”

Lawry: “I’ve been at Trent for four years now, in my second year I was a fresher rep and a social sec for rugby league. Obviously that helped me with the process of organising events, and getting people going for stuff and getting people involved. The last two years I’ve been president of the rugby league so I’ve done a lot of integration with the sports department as well as the SU… Again organising events, organising finances, getting people involved… You know, stuff like that. So that’s why I’d be good at the job.

Platform: “You talked about running more training courses and more first aid courses… How would you go about doing this specifically? Where would they take place? How would you manage the cost?”

Lawry: “Being on the exec, I will help out with the financial issues. With the first aid courses, obviously more money will be put towards them because that’s a requirement as being on a committee you need two first-aiders to go on every trip.”

Platform: “Tell me a bit more about the season ticket idea you have.”

Lawry: “We’re all students, we all get to the point of term where we haven’t got a lot of money… Season ticket, you buy it at the beginning of term. You’re saving money on the big four, it’s a fiver a ticket… Twenty quid. The varsity season ticket’s are cheaper  so it saves money for the students but it also helps to brand the smaller events… It promotes everything a bit better, it makes everything a bit more accessible for students.”

IMG_9172Tom Mannion

Platform: “Sum up your manifesto in 30 seconds.”

Tom: “I want more presidential involvement with decisions such as tour, sport, where we’re going on tour, what company we’re going with, and what kind of price bracket we’re looking at. I also want to promote more unofficial varsities. I want to implement regular sports newsletters, and just have more communication from the VP Sport out to the people. I want to let it be known when people have achieved certain things… And just to keep everyone in the loop, get everything sorted, and get everything organised.”

Platform: “You mentioned regular sports newsletters… Would that undermine what is already in place here at NTU with Platform and the rest of Trent Media?” 

Tom: “That’s a very valid point… It could. The alternate option is to maybe involve Trent Media. Maybe I could send the newsletter out to your sports sections.”

Platform: “Where would you get the funding for such a newsletter?”

Tom: “Again, that’s a very good question. When I say newsletter, I don’t mean a physical newsletter… I mean an e-mail, or something like that. I could send it out to the presidents with all the key dates on and stuff like that. It’s up to them if they want to share it amongst their own committees. I hope they would because they do represent their clubs and if they want their clubs to know what’s going on at the Uni, then that’s their way to do that.”

Platform: “You say in your manifesto that you have a lot of experience. How does your experience equip you with the skills to be VP Sport?”

Tom: “I’ve been part of the sports exec, so that’s given me a small look into how the Sports VP runs because I work with Paddy at the minute. So that’s things like organising tour, stuff like that, sports ball, picking venues and just the general running of sports. I haven’t had a massive look into it, I’ll admit that… But just a general look into stuff is done.”

Nathan StainfieldIMG_9085

Platform: “Can you summarise your manifesto in 30 seconds?”

Nathan: “My manifesto is built on realism. I want it to be realistic, I want to make small and constructive changes. I want a completely honest campaign… I’m not going to lie to anyone… I’ve worked for the centre for two years and I know in the sports department what’s realistic and what’s unrealistic. I’m going to do it on a complete honesty and loyalty approach.

Platform: “You’re  a gym instructor and the captain of the men’s football team. How do those roles equip you to be VP Sport?”

Nathan: “As captain of the men’s football team you’ve got to show some sort of leadership skills… Some sort of initiative. You’ve got to be adaptive as well, and be able to recognise when people need their motivation picking up. So I’ve got qualities in that respect.  As far as being a gym instructor goes, it’s handing having worked whilst doing a full time degree. I’ve been there two years now, it’s been nice to see how the centre runs and also, like I say, it provides an insight into what is realistic for change at NTU and what is unrealistic.

Platform: “You’ve said you would use ‘elite sport’ to promote the university… What do you mean by this exactly?”

Nathan: “BUCS teams at the university get BUCS funding, the top teams get the HPC as well. We get a lot of help. It’s run really well and upstairs they’re doing everything they can do make it even better. If you’re looking at promotion, I’m looking at promoting the university to prospective students from colleges around the area, if they can see that the university is getting higher up in BUCS, it’s a profile raiser to get good sports people to come to the university and raise the standard even more.”

IMG_9176Ezra ‘Vidic’ Watson

Platform: “Ezra, can you sum up your manifesto in 30 seconds please?”

Ezra: “I aim to get all people involved in sport, whether it’s through the Uni or within the local area building Trent’s bond with Nottingham itself. With the NU2 Sport program, I want to introduce more sports, more activities… Things never done before. I also want to offer free termly sessions. Finally, I want to build on all clubs’ success both performance wise and financially by offering kit sponsors and promoting all varsities, whether official or unofficial by promoting stuff online, getting people there, so they can raise money for their club.”

Platform: “What makes you the strongest candidate for VP Sport?”

Ezra: “I’ve been involved in all kinds of different sports, and I know all the people running… They’re all very good people. I also know a lot about clubs. I’ve got involved with most clubs, and I’ve asked people what they would like from their clubs so I’ve got a very broad knowledge of everything… Not just my sport, I’m not single minded. I do want to listen to everyone’s views and help introduce stuff throughout the uni year, not just as I get elected.”

Jess ‘Jessie’ NorthfieldIMG_9187

Platform: “Can you summarise your manifesto in 30 seconds?”

Jess: “First of all, I want to introduce student volunteer officers for each sport so that we can get them organising events and coming up with different ideas and thinking of different ways to get people involved in sport. I also want to work alongside the sports department to create links with local and national clubs so that when students leave they can continue playing sport at high levels. I also want to create some sort of inter-campus competition so that Brackenhurst have more opportunities to come over and play teams at Clifton and City, so there’s a lot more integration between the teams. For sports ball I’d like to see more awards introduced that cover literally every aspect of sports, that’s not just BUCS related. I want to make sure that sports tour is more sports orientated, because recently it’s starting to become a lot more social, drinking, night life culture… Whereas it’s a chance for Trent to showcase all their sporting talent.

Platform: “What makes you the strongest candidate for VP Sport?”

Jess: “I’m the only girl, so that goes in my favour a little bit. I’ve had a lot of experience within sports departments… I’ve been working with them in a lot of volunteer roles for the last three years so I know how it all works and what we need to do to be able to keep it successful.”


For more information on the VP Sport candidates head on over to the NTSU website.


Joe Harby – Deputy Editor Trent News

Photography by Emma-Louise Kelly 





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