The Three Songs Stuck In My Head – Nathan Gibbons


1. She Looks So Perfect – 5 Seconds of Summer

I am still unsure as to whether or not it is a good thing that this is in my head. Either way it cannot be denied that the track has all the ingredients required for a successful –teeny-bopper song: Five boys who look ‘ordinary’ but still would not look out of place on a GQ spread? Check! Lyrics which maintain a slightly sexual nature whilst trying to come across as empowering? Check! A killer hook which will stick in the heads of those who listen to it whether they like it or not? Check! Pop-rock sound? Check! This is the type of music that is often produced in mass which often means that the bands do not have a very long shelf-life and the songs which they produce are light and easy to rip apart. I did initially feel this way about this song however I must say that after hearing it a few times, the song is successfully beating me into submission which is starting to make me come around to it. I mean it does have a sound which is a mix of Blink 182 and Busted which offers some nostalgia to listeners of a certain age and those who study the work of Sigmund Freud will be able to have a field day with the lyrics (why is it that she is wearing his underwear, and why does he really think she looks good in it?). Also the boys (who are Australian…not that that’s relevant to anything) actually play their own instruments which immediately makes them more respectable than One Direction, even though their output is similar. Do you know what with all things considered I reckon this can be put in the “guilty pleasures” draw which admittedly is looking pretty full right now.


Wanted Dead or Alive – Bon Jovi

I don’t think that there is a moment where this song is not playing in the back of my mind. With this particular track, Bon Jovi (who are also one of my favourite bands) have managed to create a wonderful fusion of soft eighties rock and country music which makes it perfect for falling asleep to or a good ole-fashioned sing along. It must be said that despite them being rather powerful, the lyrics can come across as a bit ‘woe is me’ as Jon ‘Bon’ croons about how hard and lonely life can be for someone as famous as him which although it may be true, I think I speak for most un-famous people by saying that those large cheques he gets should be enough to ease some of that pain. Also when he says “the people I meet always go their separate ways” doesn’t that say more about him needing to change his personality to make them want to stay, or even be more meticulous about choosing his friends so he only has ones who will not leave him? Anyway despite this minor observation/criticism, the song is still fantastic due to the sound, the vocals and the fact that the lyrics give us some insight into how emotionally and psychologically alone being famous can make you.


Everything Is Awesome – The Lonely Island featuring. Tegan and Sara

This has got to be one of the most annoying yet brilliant (and arguably important) songs to get a mainstream release in a long time. This is largely due to the subject matter of the The Lego Movie which this song accompanies. This is because the film is set in a universe where everyone is assigned a role and a rule book which they follow blindly, blissfully unaware those who are running their ‘perfect’ world are hatching some rather sinister plans. The song itself is the only song which is

played on the radio stations of the Lego universe so everyone is forced to like it and it is often used as a mind controlling device for whenever any of the characters look as though they are about to start questioning the motives of those in power. So if you think about it, here the song’s writers have created a song which is a spoof of modern pop music whilst successfully adhering to it. This is because whilst the song does have all the tropes of a successful modern dance/trance track (light dubstep, annoyingly catchy hook and rapping), by saying that “everything is awesome”, what they really mean is that as a society, we need to start asking more questions about the true motives of those who are in charge of us.


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