Platform @ The Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2014

Ed Frine

August has come around in a heartbeat, and that can only mean one thing for Scotland’s capital – colourful and cultural extravaganzas. Yes, the Edinburgh Fringe kicks off in full swing this weekend, with comics, sketches, stand ups, theatre productions, dancers and pretty much every other entertainment genre you can think of coming from all over the world to this historic city for the biggest celebration of the arts in the world.

And this year for the first week Platfofringe_2014_thumbrm Magazine has some meaty coverage in store, ranging from a cappella groups, street dances, stand up comics, right the way across to completely improvised shows and American girls in tight fit jeans discussing high class issues (Yes, that is the name of the show).

There is something special about this city in festival season, and one must venture here with an eye for the unexpected – as it offers pretty much anything your imagination could whip up. Walking out of Waverley station and taking a ten minute walk can introduce you to the most fascinating individuals – the devil himself, dressed in pink, women in veils walking on high, high heels/stilts, a group of Tudor-esque people, unicycle riders, and of course an abundance of kilts and bagpipes.

With the Fringe, their motto of ‘Get Un-bored’ goes fantastic lengths, and with a whole month of these shenanigans happening in just one city, the term boredom will slip out of existence. If you have nothing in particular planned for the next week, sit back and relax, and let Platform take you through a week of the world’s biggest, boldest and most brilliant arts festival.



Ellis Whitehouse