FLESH SEASON INTERVIEW: Bea Udeh, Creative Producer – Diversity at Nottingham Playhouse


Platform’s Lilly Brannan caught up with Bea Udeh, Creative Producer of Diversity, ahead of this week’s Flesh season at Nottingham Playhouse.

Playhouse flesh season

So Flesh season begins tonight at Nottingham Playhouse! Can you tell us what it’s all about?

It’s three plays all written, produced and performed by women artists. It presents women as the sexy, crazy, cool things that we are! It’s a snapshot of women’s voices now.

What in particular drew you to the three plays which were chosen?

It was actually quite coincidental. We had chosen the three plays before the concept of Flesh came about, and so we capitalised on what we had and thought, what can we say by pitching these together?

They are all very original and creative productions. Bird is locally sourced in the sense that it was written by Derby’s Laura Lomas. It deals with the topical issue of child exploitation, particularly the exploitation of girls in this age around the world and closer to home. It was originally performed in urban spaces, even public toilets, so it’s been interesting adapting that onto the theatre stage.

Holy and Horny sees writer and actress Tonya Joy Bolton play lots of different characters and explores the ways in which those characters are finding themselves as women. Self-expression and identification is a central theme to all of the Flesh plays really, but all the pieces are different in terms of style and delivery.

Which do you think will most appeal to our student audience?

Pretty/Ugly will definitely resonate with students. It’s a performance realised on the back of Louise Orwin’s research into internet culture and looks at how women falsely perceive themselves on the internet, seeking validation through images. It confronts the audience with what the internet is doing to us and our own role within ‘selfie’ culture.

Thanks Bea! Flesh season begins Thursday 22nd October and continues until Saturday 25th October which shall be covered by Platform as it happens.

For more information, and to purchase tickets, please follow this link.