Recipe: Mexican Quesadillas


Is microwaved food becoming boring and bland? Do you want something quick and easy to cook? We’ve got a perfect and delicious solution. Cooking doesn’t have to be long and complicated, this Mexican Quesadilla recipe will only take 20 minutes.


1 tin of refried beans
1 tin of pinto beans
1 onion
Grated cheese
Tortilla wraps

– Put the pinto beans in a bowl and mush with hands (very messy but very fun!)

– Mix in the refried beans.

– Add fajita seasoning and mix. It is worth checking the taste to see if there is enough seasoning.

– Heat a pan and add oil. Once warm add the chopped onion and fry for a couple of minutes.

–   Heat the bean and seasoning mix.

–   Heat the wraps up and spread the bean mix over half of the wrap.

–   Add grated cheese and onions.

–   Fold the wrap in half. To make the wrap nice and crispy, you can either spread butter or oil and put it on a heated platform.



Freya Shah

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