#YourPlatform: Is Carnage a reckless night out, or a bit of harmless fun?


With the hangovers from Sunday’s Carnage firmly in the past it seems an appropriate time to recognise the positive and somewhat negative aspects of the famous bar crawl that has received a lot of public attention in recent months.

Carnage describes itself as “The UK’s biggest and number one fancy dress T-Shirt event”, and that’s easy to see with its entertaining themes and lengthy bar crawl. This years theme was Pyjama Party, and the vast number of students who attended found themselves visiting Walkabout, the Approach, Yates, Long Island and of course, Rock City.

With recent Carnage events attracting negative media attention all over the country – Nottingham’s very own Carnage making the Daily Mail – many universities student unions are trying to distance themselves from the event. So what are the negative consequences of a bit of harmless fun like Carnage?

Firstly with hundreds of intoxicated students roaming the streets on a quiet Sunday night it is easy to see how it can cause problems for residents in the area due to noise and unruly alcohol induced behaviour. Secondly it creates more hassle for local police and paramedics who have to supervise the rowdy streets throughout the night. It also can give the hard working students a bad name especially when they’re vomiting in the streets or urinating on war memorials, as was the case with one Carnage event in Sheffield.

However, although Carnage has attracted negative media in the past it is a successful business operating in 48 different cities throughout the year. Therefore why is it so bad to have a little fun once in a while? After all we are students and going out is a part of university life.

As well as Carnage being fun, it also has numerous other positive aspects such as increasing bars and clubs sales on what would otherwise be a quiet Sunday night. Not only that but a pub crawl is a great way of introducing new students to the many different bars and pubs that Nottingham has to offer whilst showing them around the city (if they can remember anything in the morning!)

Poppy Stalker a third year Fashion and Communication student said: ‘It’s a great opportunity for freshers to make friends and it’s different from any normal night!’

‘I remember getting the T-shirt and planning fancy dress, it was all very exciting.’

Finally, who can deny that it wasn’t worth it if you get a FREE T-shirt? Admittedly you have to pay £10; but that gets you into a lot of bars, and is a great sick-stained souvenir of your great night out in Notts!

So is Carnage really as bad as the media makes out? Recognising the problems that alcohol can cause is obviously important but at the end of the day maybe it’s just a bit of harmless fun…



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