Five Simple Ways to Get Your 5 a Day

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We are constantly reminded of the importance of eating five portions of fruit and veg each day but this can be a challenge for many of us, especially if you aren’t a fan of the healthy stuff. Getting your 5 a day can actually be much easier than you think, here’s some useful tips to help.

Drink them

Whether you choose to start your day with a glass of fruit juice or you fancy being creative and making a smoothie, one glass will count towards your five a day. There are hundreds of simple smoothie recipes that can be made in minutes, or alternatively you can buy pre-made juices and smoothies from the supermarket. Just make sure they contain pure fruit juice, not from concentrate and no added sugar.

Dip them

For a healthier alternative to your favourite party snack try dipping vegetables such as carrots, peppers, celery or cucumber in hummus or salsa. Apple, pear, mango or strawberries dipped in low-fat yoghurt make an easy and delicious breakfast option as well as being a perfect snack for in-between lectures.

Get creative

For a refreshing twist try adding fresh lemon and lime to your water during the day which will boost your vitamin intake and help protect you against illnesses. You could add frozen berries to pre drinks in the evening or entertain your friends by making fruity cocktails or alcoholic smoothies.

Mix them up

Including vegetables in meals doesn’t mean they have to taste bland or boring. Peas, parsnips, carrots and beans can be easily disguised in dishes such as shepherd’s pie and casserole, while peppers, sweetcorn, onion and mushrooms can added to lasagne or pasta bake for extra flavour. Sweet fruit such as strawberries, bananas and blueberries also taste delicious when added to breakfast cereal or porridge.

Snack smartly

Avoid making unhealthy choices when you feel peckish during the day by preparing snacks in advance. Dried fruit, smoothies, vegetable sticks with hummus, bananas, apples and salads are ideal for eating between classes and on the move. Not only will planning ahead help you stay healthy, it will also save you money by keeping you from paying high prices in the convenience store or vending machine when hunger strikes.

Holly Skelton

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