I’m Lovin’ It – Or Am I?

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“Hey darling, you okay? Hope you’re eating well? Miss you, mum xx “

If  mum knew about the MacDonald’s after Ocean on Wednesday night, or  the following morning trip to Weatherspoons, or the cheeky Nandos in the evening, she’d be mortified.

Reading back on it now I’m rather mortified thinking about how much crap food I ate in one day. I went from good home cooked meals to processed hot food. I was spending £3 in chunky chicken, a little money in KFC and sometimes spicing it up by going to burger king. It was all too easy not to realise how much money I was spending, until one morning my monthly bank statement was comfortably seated on the kitchen table, next to the left over vodka and cranberry from last night’s pre drinks. I opened it and was hit with a hard dose of reality.

Something had to change. After thinking of various combinations, I sat down wrote a shopping list and headed to Tesco’s. That night I turned into Gordon Ramsey. I cooked for the week and I was happy. But, of course it wasn’t long before the girls were knocking on my door asking “hey, you fancy pizza? Dominos got 50% off when you spend over £40”. I summoned my inner strength and replied “no thanks, I ate stir fry”. Throughout that week, the knocks kept coming and the reply would still be the same. Soon the knocks stopped and my bank was looking rather good.

You see coming to university changes your lifestyle; you’re experimenting and doing all sorts of different things. But, most of all because you’re having fun and living life so much, your diet suffers. You seem to be hungry all the time, always tired and your skin seems to be getting worse. But honestly, budget and plan! Whether you choose to cook for the week or cook daily it’s your choice, but by getting organised and planning ahead it will make a huge different to your bank and your body.


Tele Lawal

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