Keep Warm this Winter with Knitwear


In celebration of the ‘Knitwear-Chanel to Westwood’ exhibition (ends 28th November) at the Fashion and Textile Museum, in London and our very own ‘Knitting Nottingham’ exhibition (ends 18th January), in the Bonington Gallery, we thought we would take a look at some of our favourite knitwear pieces on the high street.

With winter fast approaching who doesn’t love a thick knitted jumper to keep the frost at bay, I know I do. Whether it’s fair-isle Christmas esque or granny chic, if it’s comfy and cuddly I’m there. But let’s not forget there’s so much more to knitwear than a Christmas jumper. So if you haven’t already done so, head down to the exhibitions and get inspired, or even grab yourself a pair of knitting needles and head on down to Trent’s very own knitting society. For now though here’s a sample of what the high street has to offer.

Zara (1)


Urban Outfitters (1)

Urban Outfitters-£33.00

ASOS (1)


Tegan Minzie