The Fresher’s Guide to a Good Diet

diet of a fresher

Fresher’s week is long gone and we’re all getting to grips with living independently. You’ve moved in, made friends and it’s all just getting exciting. However, the most important thing is maintaining a balanced diet, which is difficult at the best of times. As you do your first shop it’s standard to do a quick whip into the pasta aisle, the ready meals section and of course an alcohol detour It’s been shown from previous research that the average weight a fresher puts on in the first year is about 10lb. A lot of us don’t realise the amount of calories we put on from drinking alcohol and the after night out visit to Chunky Chicken. Here are a few to tips to staying healthy at university:


1. Out at a lecture during lunch? Why don’t you make yourself a packed lunch? It saves money and you can control what you eat instead of buying sandwiches that have full fat mayo and processed meat.

2.  Make lists! Lists are a great way to keep a track of your diet and what you’re buying in the supermarket. This is good for budgeting.

3. Sign up to the SU gym! It’s a great way to meet new people and to keep fit.

4. Have some cheat days. Realistically it hard being healthy every single day, so have the chocolate and crisps you’ve been craving!

5. And finally relax, and stay hydrated, enjoy university, you can still be healthy and have fun!



Marianna Erotokritou