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When you’re away from home it can often be very easy to get into the habit of eating rubbish.  With Mum not being there to keep your eating habits in check sometimes picking up a bag of crisps or a chocolate bar can be the cheapest, easiest and tastiest option.

However, there are always healthier, easy options that will prove you have no excuse not to eat healthy while at University.

Cream crackers and cheese is always a favourite of mine for an afternoon snack however, with copious amounts of butter and cheese slathered on top, it probably won’t be doing much for your hips. Instead swap to rice cakes with low fat cheese spread on top. The brand Kallo has a lot of flavours to choose from such as paprika, sea salt and balsamic vinegar and blueberry and vanilla.

Picking up a chocolate bar to satisfy that mid-afternoon sweet craving is something many of us are guilty of. Holland and Barrett is a great place to look for healthy bar inspiration, they stock all kinds of sweet treats. They are a little expensive, so it can be better to buy in bulk from places like Cosco and Amazon. Nakd bars are great for giving you a sweet fix, have lots of energy and come in chocolate brownie and chocolate orange. Bounce bars are another option to satisfy any sweet tooth, their flavours include coconut and macadamia.

Popcorn’s a snack that has branched out from the cinema screens and into people’s daily diets, the addictive bits of flavoured corn are definitely moreish. You can never seem to stop picking once you’ve started. We all know it’s probably not the greatest thing to eat especially when coated with toffee, sugar or salt. However, it can be very low calorie and has taken over the supermarkets with various unique flavours avaliable.

It may be an obvious choice but fruit is always a great snack. If it doesn’t fill you up for long then add some yoghurt to make it a little more interesting. Tesco’s do some great healthy Greek yoghurts mixed with honey to add a little extra sweetness.

If you are more of a savoury snacker crisps may be your go to snack. Kale has become the go to veg in recent times and the best thing is that they can be made into crisps. You can either buy them in certain supermarkets or follow THIS quick easy recipe to make your own.


Abby McHale

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