Survey reveals internet could be addictive to young people


Smoking: a once common addiction that has become more and more socially unacceptable. But a new survey has suggested that technology addictions are on the rise. As more people adopt a fast paced lifestyle, behaviour has changed to meet these needs – with increasing usage of social media and the internet.

The survey conducted by E-Cigarette Direct revealed that 55.5% of 18-24 year-old’s classed social media as an addiction with an average time of 54 minutes being spent on social media platforms.

The results from the survey showed an overwhelming majority saw mobile phones and social media as addictions.

The survey found that surfing the internet, social media and mobile phones are the top 3 addictions among 18-24 year old’s. With over half of 18-24 year olds agreeing that mobile phones are an addiction; gaming and blogging also being encompassed in the criteria for modern addictions. Respondents admitted to spending more than 27 minutes blogging per day and even more alarmingly 40 minutes playing games and 50 minutes on their phones.

Whether these technologies benefit and enhance our lives is something that cannot yet be answered, and you could argue that the constant use of our phones has made us lose our true abilities of social interaction.

However, some argue the increase in social media usage brings people together rather than apart; James Dunworth, Director and Co-Founder of ECigarette Direct states ‘As a person with family spread over several different countries, I personally find it invaluable to keep up with the lives of those close to me.’

These new found addictions have been compared to the typical television addicts over ten years ago, when the technology was fairly advanced at the time. Technology in itself becomes a social norm within society especially at the current rate technology is becoming, in some regards, a way of life; ease of access and the benefits that technology provide give support to its use and could counteract the opinion they are addictive.

The younger 18-24 generation, having been raised with these technologies, find their usage an everyday habit, almost as necessary as eating, sleeping and even breathing.

E-Cigarette Direct also found strong indications that vanity, calorie counting and exercise are becoming increasingly common addictions.


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