Artists to look out for in 2015: Wolf Alice


There’s something refreshing and exciting about what Wolf Alice will bring to the table in 2015. So far they have only released two four-track EPs but there isn’t a song amongst them that doesn’t demonstrate what their music is all about. Their sound is almost a soft grunge which combines melodic yet eerie, simple guitar hooks with the beautiful vocals of Ellie Rowsell whose voice effortlessly nails the ‘painful youth’ sound which so many young vocalists never quite perfect.

This is certainly a band whose roots are in the American grunge and post-grunge scenes of the 1990’s but there is something more to them than teenage angst and despair. Wolf Alice create an almost unique type of music which blends the classic bass heavy and distorted rhythm section with harmonious lead guitar riffs and soft vocals which create tracks that would comfort you when you’re filled with adolescent weltschermz, but would have you unobjectionably swaying by the second chorus.

This year may well be the one which is the making of Wolf Alice as the alternative four-piece embark on a tour that takes them to 13 venues in North America before a 14-stop tour of the UK. These tour dates are scheduled either side of supplying the support for alt-J on their European tour, and this is all before the end of April. With an increasing cult following after last year’s festival season and a recent ‘BBC Sound of 2015’ nomination it seems likely that their impending debut album will be a success. The band themselves recognise the diversity in their songs from their two EPs and state that their first album will be more of the same but ‘tie everything together’.

With an immediately likeable sound and short, concise tracks, expect to be hearing the name ‘Wolf Alice’ a lot more this year. A band that has the ability to create music with a mature sound but is still young at heart is a real talent, and one that Wolf Alice possesses. They know how to make music that is influenced by angst, but not left bitter and jaded by it, and important distinction that contributes to their uniqueness.

Listen to if you like; Sonic Youth, The Cranberries, Slowdive.

Neil Williams

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