The Malt Cross | A Restaurant Review


Malt Cross set in the heart of Nottingham’s city centre just off the main market square, has been a huge part of Nottingham’s social scene for many years. With it’s unique decor and cosy setting, an escape from the hustle bustle, while being a vibrant hub itself.


In October 2014 Malt Cross reopened after undergoing huge renovations to bring the venue to all its glory, made possible by a grant from the National Lottery. The space now covers 4 floors all used for different purposes and events, including a relaxed coffee with friends, an after work beer, a delicious lunch, art exhibitions and music concerts.


Although the expansion has lifted Malt Cross to it’s original glory and made it possible for even more people in Nottingham to enjoy it, it has also come with a new menu and unique ordering system. This is definitely something I have never seen before and for students eating out in big groups or trying to order for each other it takes out the guess work, you just fill out the pad and take it down.


The menu is simple, you choose a filling, a base, toppings and then sides, it is all the same price no matter how many toppings you have and at a perfect £6.00 price point for budget savvy students. Go crazy and experiment with toppings because normally you get charged for that stuff!


The food itself is delicious, they have a range of options to suit all diets including, vegetarian and gluten free. We both went for gluten free Rye bread which is probably one of the most filling things I’ve eaten along with unlimited toppings, delicious salad and crunchy fries we were left more than satisfied.

Part of Malt Cross’ charm is also the staff, the whole place has a warm welcoming vibe and this is evident in the team running it.

If you’re looking for a new place to be your go to for all occasions I would definitely recommend Malt Cross.

Mel Brooks