UKIP society given go ahead in controversial union vote


A political society focusing on the policies of UKIP has been approved at Nottingham Trent after it was originally rejected by the union.

The Young Independence society, which is the youth wing of UKIP will now be affiliated as an official society if it achieves enough members to do so, the news comes just days after NTSU initially voted to reject the approval of it’s official association.

The union has said in a statement that students who have organised the society will now begin to invite registered members in order to establish them as an official society.

The UKIP society has been controversial since it’s first application, with many students asking questions regarding racism and immigration at a question and answer session at the last Societies Assembly held on City campus.

When news came that the society had originally been rejected  by the union, UKIP MEP for the East Midlands Margot Parker told the Nottingham Post: “This is disgraceful – an absolute affront to democracy.”

An appeal was lodged against the decision and was passed in what the union called a “decision in accordance with democratically approved procedures.”

It is not clear why the union changed it’s mind on the decision, and it did not comment on the reasons why the society was not originally able to be formed.

A link to the society on the NTSU website said: “YI (Youth Independence) is growing faster in UKIP than ever before. It is playing a greater role in protecting UKIP’s message across the land.”

It went on to say “Help YI and UKIP change Britain for the Better.”

A total of 15 members is required for the society to run at the University, and if successful the Young Independence society will join current long-standing political societies Conservative Future’s and Labour.





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