Students warned after spate of campus mobile thefts


A spate of burglaries across the city campus over the last few weeks has prompted warnings for students to be vigilante over personal property such as mobile phones and tablets.

This comes after the release of a video of a thief who managed to get himself trapped in a window in the Arkwright building. The video has gone viral, circulating the internet and hitting major media headlines across the UK/.

Although the video is  funny to laugh at the stupid mistakes of a not so clever burglar, the fact that he was caught in the act is reassuring but if he wasn’t, a vast amount of computers and technology worth thousands of pounds could have been taken.

Many areas around campus have been affected by the recent thefts with the Centre for Broadcasting and Journalism (CBJ) being targeted, prompting lecturers to circle emails asking students to watch their personal belongings after large quantities of phone and tablet thefts took place in the building.

As a victim myself of a theft on campus in our very own Student Union last week and it happened in front of my eyes – the ordinary unsuspecting lost man asking a question while lowering a map over my phone before skilfully picking it up. Of course I didn’t realise until it was too late.

Goodbye Christmas present!

Sources have told Platform that the theft of my phone was not the only stolen item on Wednesday last week; so keep a vigilant eye out for suspicious people lurking around and keep hold of your valuables.

According to sources within the Student Union the thieves target people who leave student cards lying around and once they have this card, thieves have unrestricted entry to all university buildings.

A spokesperson for Nottingham Police explained : “Dissertation time is generally the most common time for thefts on campus as belongings are frequently left lying about in the library”.

The local police regularly release statements to students on how to keep belongings safe whilst away from home, and have a dedicated student website. You can find out more information on how to keep your items safe whilst studying on campus here.



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