Trent students will no longer pay for graduation tickets

Credit: Nottingham Trent University Flickr
Credit: Nottingham Trent University Flickr

NTSU has said that students will no longer need to pay for tickets to their graduation ceremony – which could save thousands of graduates extra cash to go towards robe hire.

The union said that they are working with the University who say they will now allow students to bring two guests to graduation ceremonies – free of charge.

Graduating students previously had to pay £25 per guest, meaning many were shelling out £50 for parents to watch them for a few minutes collecting their degree certificates.

The option of paying a £25 fee for extra tickets (where available), will be on offer to students who wish to have more than two guests at their ceremony.

Matthew Scrimshaw, Vice President of Education said: ‘I think this is a huge win for all student here at this institution; in the past it has cost £50 just for a couple of tickets so to take this additional cost away removes a large financial burden on students. I think this will be well received by all students.”

The news comes two years after Platform reported that student Philip Tasker would be launching a ‘Free Graduation’ campaign – to reduce already high graduation costs.

In response to the recent announcement the ex-Law student who graduated in 2013 told Platform: ‘It’s great to hear the university have listened to its students. I appreciate it must have been a difficult position for NTU as the event is costly, but it’s only fair the significant rise in tuition fees is taken into account. This is a big step forward for NTU and its students, and further demonstrates the influence students can have over their universities.’

It already costs most students around £45 to hire a gown for the day, and £30 for official photographs among other charges.

Marcus Boswell, President of NTSU said: ‘We’ve seen a clear willingness by the University over the past few months for students’ views to be at the heart of everything NTU does and wants to do.  This is another example of the University listening to, and acting upon, student feedback through the different channels that the Students’ Union provides.’



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