10 Reasons to work at a Summer Camp this Summer

Summer camp

Let’s face it, you’re probably reading this as procrastination from all the deadlines you should be focussing on. So what better way to spend your time then by filling out an application.

The weather is rough and you’re probably daydreaming about summer sun. When working on the waterfront at camp it’s suns out, guns out for 9 whole weeks. (Imagine all the hot lifeguards).  If I haven’t convinced you after these 10 reasons, you are probably slightly crazy. Either that or you’ve probably already booked your Glasto or Hideout tickets in which case, sucks to be you. (Sorry)


1. To repeat (just so it really sticks) filling out the application form is the perfect procrastination.

2. You need a tan; I can just imagine your little pale face. It’s crying out for some vitamin D.

3.  We’ve all watched the Parent Trap and Camp Rock in our younger prime. Admit it, you wished you were Lindsay Lohan, and you can finally fulfil your lifetime wish at camp.

4. We’re all thinking about the dreaded thing that is being in the real world and having an actual job after uni.  Working at camp looks amazing on a CV and any employer will be dying to have you – it shows your ability to work in a team, be independent and show initiative, as well as your fabulous and outgoing personality.

5. You get to spend the entire summer getting paid for doing something you love. Play football? Coach football. Can you swim? Be a lifeguard. Simple.

6. It’s the best job you’ll ever have, seriously. You won’t even realise you’re working.  You’ll reminisce about it for the rest of the year as you’re writing your dissertation or sitting in your boring office job.

7. You’ll make friends from all over the world so you’ve got a free place to stay once you’ve caught the travelling bug and want to go everywhere.

8. You have a month to travel on your visa so you can travel all over the states with your new best friends. Just imagine yourself in Times Square, the Grand Canyon or Venice Beach.

(Are you sold yet?)

9. You’ll be going to Camp Reunions all year all over the UK: the perfect excuse for a night out and a weekend away in Leeds. They’re always in Leeds: don’t ask.

10. I don’t need a number 10, you’re already sold. Head over to www.campleaders.com and register today. (the best decision you’ll ever make).


Tessa Eames