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Poetry is often perceived as one-dimensional. At school you probably learnt about white, middle-class, middle-aged, male poets from the Renaissance or the Romantics or some other art movement beginning with ‘R’. But poetry has multiple dimensions and it’s accessible to anyone. Spoken word, a performance based arm of poetry is growing in popularity- just look at Mercury nominee Kate Tempest or rapper come musician Dizraeli.

A group bringing spoken word to Nottingham is the Mouthy Poets.

A collective made up of 15-30 year olds, the community group write, perform and teach spoken word as well as staging their own events. They aim to give young people a voice as well as help them develop their vocabulary skills. Whilst standing on stage might seem daunting, it can be cathartic and empowering at the same time. Mouthy Poets work with those who have a story to tell but find conventional channels stifling or unhelpful.


A look at what the Mouthy Poets bring…

Edward Jones at Say Sum Thin 7

Calling Nottingham Playhouse their home, the collective meet every Friday during term-time to progress and support each other professionally and personally. Their annual spring show, Say Sum Thin, took place last weekend at the Djanogly City Academy. Comprised of two shows, the audience were treated to a food themed Friday performance as well as guest poet Jon Sands on Saturday. All the way from New York ,Sands’ work have appeared in the New York Times as well as his own book The New Clean and numerous poetry slams. He is admired for his candid and offbeat delivery.

Co-founder of Poets in Unexpected Places, Jon hopes to change people’s perception of the art.

VERSE Extra: Jon Sands

I fired a few quick questions at the man himself…


If you have something to say but don’t quite know how to say it then Mouthy Poets could help you unearth your own story. They are a dynamic group that puts creativity over convention so there’s no need to bring Mr. Shakespeare.

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Anna Butler