Meet Angela Fusco of Trivium Performance Sports and Swimwear

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Ever fancied yourself as part of the Hunger Games? Ever wondered how you could make this fashionable? Well we have the answer; meet Angela Elena Fusco, a 3rd Year Fashion Design student here at Nottingham Trent. Angela designs performance sportswear and swimwear combining technical fabrics and manufacturing methods with fashionable designs. The future of sportswear has just reached us.

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Angela has recently had a placement at speedo which has led to a collaboration with them, allowing her to use the most futuristic and technical fabrics on the market. ‘I was inspired by apocalyptic ideals and futuristic technologies’ she told me. Her brand focuses on survival sportswear which features fabrics that regulate body heat through use of aluminium, help to keep us insulated, wick away perspiration to keep us comfortable and use filtering mesh to give us drinking water. Yes this is all very technical, but in Angela’s eyes it’s all about survival.

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Her work with speedo has been incredibly influential with her designs. She has looked into the Olympic suits and smart fabrics used by the brand like their Fastskin swimsuits in which the fabric mirrored the texture of a shark’s skin making the wearer swim faster. She’s also looked into Nike’s body suits and Burberry’s virtual reality fashion shows. This girl is all about the future and is trying to create her own modern day interpretation of what the future will look like from a fashion perspective.

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Her designs are very heavily influenced by science fiction and fantasy, ‘I have more of an imaginary muse’ she laughed, ‘I’m looking at a future ideal, kind of a dystopian future’. Films like the Hunger Games and Divergent are huge influences for her; it’s the action woman type that is becoming more and more prominent in popular culture. ‘I’m basically designing for Katniss’ Angela confessed. Her work, although very conceptual has a lot of room to be commercialised. Angela herself is already working on branding, which she said came very naturally to her. ‘I think finding a name was the hardest because it had to link with all of my ideas’ but she finally settled on Trivium which is absolutely perfect. Her logo features an elongated diamond, which she explained to me had a lot more thought put into it than one might think.

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Angela is also creating her own magazine which will feature all of her research and work. Aluminium Magazine is inspired by materials like metals and technology. It looks into cybernetics and how technology can enhance our bodies. She currently has three articles, one about cybernetics (which for those of you who don’t know is all about automatic control systems in both machines and living things). Another is about probes and the final talks about survival. Angela writes these articles herself, along with designing and editing the magazine showing her determination and passion for what she’s trying to achieve.

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Her time at Trent has helped her hugely ‘now I’m in third year and people understand what I’m trying to do more, they’re really understanding and supportive’. Her designs are classed more as product than catwalk fashion but their technical abilities make them stand out from the crowd. Angela is also working on a collaboration with a Fashion Accessories student to make backpacks and pouches suitable for high performance, ‘they’re kind of Lara Croft style’ laughs Angela.

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So the future of fashion really has landed. With high performance fabrics constantly developing and Angela’s creative vision and passion for this aspect of the industry there really are no limits to what this girl can achieve. And if any of you out there fancy yourselves as the Katniss Everdeen type, keep an eye out for this name.

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