Nottingham Indie Fashion Week: The Fabric of Nottingham Fashion Show Review

Forget Paris, Milan and London, Nottingham’s Indie Fashion Week is fabulous enough. Indie Fashion Week kicked off on Tuesday evening and I had the honour of attending the Fabric of Nottingham Fashion Show as part of Nottingham’s Indie Fashion Week. The fashion week celebrates independent fashion and local brands, which I think is amazing as local and independent fashion really isn’t seen or recognised enough.
It’s too easy in todays culture to run to high street shops like primark and buy a cheap but chic outfit or to go to Topshop and know that everything you buy will be on trend, but local designers are so much more exciting. A huge amount of work and creativity goes into these collections as I’m sure all fashion students can agree with, and this work deserves support. Indie Fashion Week isn’t only a platform for local designers but a chance for us to be a part of something huge in the fashion world.
The fashion show was held at the beautiful St Mary’s church in the Lace Market and it really was the most perfect setting. The church brought both drama and elegance to the evening with huge high ceilings and Gothic interior. The second I entered the building I knew I was in for a fantastic evening and I’m guessing so did the other 400 guests that attended. Every seat in the house was filled and there was even a crowd standing. This turn out is amazing for independent fashion and shows an incredibly promising future for Nottingham’s local designers and labels.
The show was absolutely spectacular. There was such a range of fashion on show, from wedding dresses to pyjamas. The runway featured menswear, women’s wear and accessories showing that Nottingham really can do it all. I saw a huge amount of inspirations grace the catwalk too; flamenco skirts, kimonos, corsets and even a princess dress or two, it was clear that these designers are a very creative bunch.
We had dancers, rappers and very talented musicians to accompany each collection and it’s safe to say that the audience were entertained.
The designers that showed were:
  • Barinder Gahir
  • Angela Vickers
  • Callecia Brown
  • Sauce & Brown
  • JC Middlebrook
  • One BC
  • Daniel Hanson
  • Clockwork Lobster
  • Harriet Kjellman
  • Guarden
  • British Tailoring Co
  • Debbie Bryan
  • Eternal Spirits
  • Fazane Malik
My favourite collections of the evening had to be Angela Vickers, Callecia Brown, One BC and Eternal Spirit but that may be because I’m a sucker for a gorgeous wedding dress. I was also incredibly impressed with the shoes worn with some of the collections made by The English Shoemaker. I thought these would be very traditional brogues, which wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing, maybe just a little boring after a while. And, although I did see a fair few I was surprised to see some women’s shoes thrown in the mix including some luscious wedges that I need in my life.
I urge you to check out some of these designers and their amazing work along with the rest of Indie Fashion Week. This event was just the opening night, and I’m so excited to see what rest of the week has in store.
Thanks so much to Susi Henson for organising the event and for Nottingham’s Creative Quarter for all of their hard work.
(Apologies for poor image quality, we weren’t allowed flash and the lighting wasn’t great)
Words and Images by Nikki Brown