Varsity 2015: Trent lose series despite victory in table tennis

As table tennis varsity kicked off at the Jubilee Campus today, friends and teammates from the two universities were pouring in to show some support. The players were warming up and getting some useful practice in before the games started at 3.00pm.

The first of the games were the singles, as Emma Vickers from Trent and Tressa Armitage from the University of Nottingham stepped up to battle it out between the girls.

They were both playing equally well but with the score tied at 7-7, Vickers picked up the pace and won the first game 11-7 with her patience and spin.

The next game was a close one, with Vickers just taking the lead again to win 12-10. In the third, after many forehand to forehand rallies, Vickers secured the game comfortably to win 3-0 and gain the first win for Trent.

At the opposite end, Chris Doran from Trent was playing Liam McTiernan from the University of Nottingham.

Doran won the first two games and Trent were looking very strong and hungry for the win. After some epic smashing rallies, McTiernan took a timeout in the third at 9-9 to talk to his coach for some advice.

Cool and collected, McTiernan returned to the table looking poised and ready to do some damage.

At 9-9, Doran got a net which McTiernan struggled to reach but he soon got his revenge and pulled it back to 10-10. In the end, it was Doran who was too good for McTiernan and he won the third 12-10 to give Trent a 2-0 lead.

Next it was the doubles and University of Nottingham came back fighting as both teams were 1-0 up against Trent.

Soon the University of Nottingham boys were flying as a strong forehand down the line came from Paul McCreery to secure 2-0.

As the pressure was on, Trent did not back down and clawed back two games to equalise. The atmosphere was intense from both benches in the fifth and final game and the two teams were grafting for the title.

The rallies were strong from both sides but an absolute bomb of a forehand from McCreery put the Uni of boys in a winning position and they won the game 11-8.

On the women’s side, Yolanda King and Tressa Armitage from the University of Nottingham were having a tight match against Emma Vickers and Alice Loveridge.

After some very quick play, the women were tied at 1-1 but the heavy spin coming from the Trent side proved too much for the University of Nottingham and Trent secured yet another win to make it 3-1 overall.

After an hour and a half of incredible play and effort from both teams, Trent walked away as winners of the table tennis Varsity matches.

Even as the victory in the table tennis kept Trent in with a shout in the series, news flooded in that UoN had triumphed in the men’s hockey, meaning that the Varsity trophy would be returning to Beeston for the fourth year running.

Daniella Gray

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