Freshers’ Week Beauty: The Essentials


It’s best to look at your Freshers’ Week beauty regime in two parts; Part One, your make-up that can take you from night to morning. Part Two, your skin care regime to ensure you’re looking heathy (and alive).

So Freshers’ Week has begun and one thing every fresher needs is a foolproof party make-up look; one that will last a night of dancing, selfie taking and drinking:

PicMonkey Collage13


Your secret weapon and new best friend. Primer helps your foundation stay all night long and gives your makeup an even base to glide onto for a flawless finish. Rimmel Stay Matte Primer is a great purse friendly choice (£5.99)


If you’re going to invest in one thing, invest in a good long-wear foundation. The key is to build the up your coverage gradually – less is definitely more in this case (which means it’ll last longer). Try MAC Pro Long-wear Foundation (£25.50)


A great way to mask the effects of sleep deprivation and hide those black bags.  Don’t be stingy, apply as many layers as you need! Just make sure it matches your foundation colour. This Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer is a must have. (£5.49)

Loose powder

Don’t over do it with the powder – a light dusting is all you need to set your foundation. This avoids a shinny forehead or cheeks when taking group pictures and selfies! A budget option is Collection Sheer Loose Powder (£2.99)

Waterproof Mascara

Another life saver. Whether it’s happy tears, drunk tears or just generally nigh club sweating, waterproof mascara will stop any unfortunate smudging and Joker impressions. (£4.99)


Your lips are the finishing touch. Make your lips the focus with a bright, femme fatale red. Or keep it simple with a smooth, rich nude. Barry M do a really nice and affordable range with lots of options! (£4.49)

Blotting Sheets

After all the drinking and dancing, most of us end up with a ‘sheen’. Instead of adding more powder, use a blotting sheet which will remove excess oil and shine without caking your makeup. (£3.99)

One thing you will learn during Fresher’s Week is that – although exciting – lack of sleep, copious amounts of alcohol and sweaty clubs wreak havoc with your skin. So here’s the Make-Up Must Haves to help you and your skin through the first week:

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Makeup Wipes

The essential beauty product. Have you not heard Namoi Campbell berate anyone who doesn’t remove their make-up at night?! I know it’s a chore but forgetting is not good for your pores – these are only 99p so there is no excuse.


To make your make-up look flawless, you need the best base possible. Make sure to keep your skin glowing and moisturised with this Simple moisturiser. It not only adds hydration but also fights blemishes before they appear. (£4.19)

Face Mask

Pop one of these on each week and to give your skin some much needed TLC. Turn this chore into an opportunity for a girls night in and some flat bonding. Superdrug do a range for 99p and usually offer 3 for 2.

Exfoliating Facial Wash

Something else to add to your daily routine. Whether you do it in the morning or at night, this product is great for getting rid of pimples and oily skin. Ensuring fresh looking skin, even if you don’t feel so fresh yourself! (£3.75)

Blemish Stick

If the worst happens and a spot appears, get out your witch hazel stick and smother it on. It dries up your spots so they should be gone by the next morning. Another bonus about this product, it creates a protective layer so you can still put your make up on top. Randomly, it also helps to reduce redness after getting your eyebrows waxed!

Water, Water, Water

Above all, this is the most important part of your routine. Make sure you get enough water throughout the week – this will not only help the (inevitable) hangovers but it will flush out all of the toxins and help with any breakouts.