How is student life with a part-time job?

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27As a student, there’s nothing I hate more than sitting around and wasting my time.

I have had a job since I was 13 years old. I’ve never been one to live off the bank of dad, and I’ve always worked hard to be able to buy myself nice things.

So, I’ve made my way through life working in a coffee shop, a bar, as a gymnastics coach and as a receptionist, at the same time as getting GCSE’s, A Levels, and now I’m one year off getting a degree. Admittedly, they aren’t jobs I would like to do forever, but they’ve earned me some pocket money to spend on myself, and I’ve managed to save enough to buy myself a Mini Convertible while doing so!

I am now in my third year studying journalism at Nottingham Trent University and – if all goes to plan – will be graduating this time next year. The obvious route for me to take when I graduate will be to work at a daily or weekly newspaper, go into magazines, or into PR work. But what I didn’t realise is just how many other options there are when you’ve finished your three years living as a student.

Going into the job you are ‘supposed to’ isn’t the only option. I know it’s a cliché, but the skills you learn during your course can be invaluable if you learn how you can use them elsewhere.

Working as a journalist doesn’t mean I can just write stories. It also means I know how to spot a good news angle when I see one, I can research stories, find key people to talk to and conduct good interviews with them, think of relevant media to support a story, and know how to promote my work on social media.

That is why I have landed myself a part-time job at HeX Productions, a website design and maintenance agency based in Ilkeston.  Providing free website health checks, creating and designing websites, and producing content for clients may seem a job for a web designer or someone else, but even though I don’t understand much about that aspect of the job, I do know how to write content for a certain audience, researching background information, finding images and videos to support my writing, and fill a website with things people want or need to read.

IMG_7942Thanks to my time at university, I see work as needing more than one skill to do the job. You will always be able to do something that someone else can’t, but so will they. Put them together and different people’s expertise will be invaluable as you enter the world of work. I’m really looking forward to working alongside studying, and although the workload in third year is expected to be very high, I think it will be good to be able to put what I’m learning into practise at work at the same time.

I am very excited about this job, and although web design doesn’t fall directly as a ‘journalism job,’ I can still see how my degree relates to the work I will be doing and how the training I have had will enable me to produce high quality work for the company and our clients.

To find out more about the services HeX Productions provides, visit or follow them on Twitter: @HeX_Productions.


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