Halloween: The Costumes

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With Halloween looming around the corner, stores load up with an illuminating array of cobs webs, obscure pumpkins and pointy hats making you wonder just witch costume you will be rocking this year.

The endless cluster of fancy dress might seem overwhelming at first but this quick guide can get you Halloween confident in no time so let’s begin by exploring the outfits that are storming the internet!

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 Really fun idea this Halloween would be to fully embrace the Emjoi hype and dress up as the dancing girls with your best friend! You’ll be a walking photo opportunity.

You get full points for originality at Halloween and these YouTube tutorials; amazing trippy double vision look as done by Youtuber Tamang Fan showing that you don’t need expensive Halloween special effects!

Safe to say Rihanna owned Halloween last year as her and her squad reawakened our childhood’s turtle heroes. Rock this look with some green paint and bright masks.

Another mind-blowing makeup look is the infamous Black Swan! Get out your old tutu and you’ll be ready to go!

An oldie but goodie – the green witch. Add a LBD and lace accessories to that this look from pre-school to Fresher.

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If those of you who are a little bit more reserved and want to take your costume from your wardrobe, don’t despair – there are outfits for you too.

Get your girls together and re-create either the iconic Mean Girls or the fabulous Victoria Secrets Angels. A Mean Girls costume requires your shortest mini skirt, slogan Tees and Pink. Lots of Pink.

Equally, Victoria Secrets is all about Pink too! Pop into Primark (or if you can afford it, the Victoria Secrets store) and pick up a silky dressing gown!

Cosmpolotain.com has loads of great ideas as well! Become a pirate with a tie-up body, knee high boots and a hat.

Or be cat woman with pleather leggings, leopard print heels and lace kitten ears.

And remember, Don’t Be A Basic Witch This Year!

Words by Nyasha Smith & Laura Smith