Tis The Season To Be Red

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Christmassy and bold is this seasons must-have hair trend.

 The choice of hair colour today is massively important as it has the power to change an individual’s whole image and it’s often the tone which defines a personality. No matter what the shade, from fiery copper, brick red or rich cinnamon, the spicy red hues are always eye-catching, sexy and quirky and more and more celebrities are sporting vibrant locks this Autumn/Winter.

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Isla Fisher’s elegant beauty is enhanced by her fabulous autumnal coloured hair, while Emma Stone’s ombre makes a striking statement. At one time, ginger would not have been on the hairstylists’ colour request list but nowadays its seen as fashionable to be a redhead and those orange tones are embraced.  Rihanna recently joined the ginger-orange bandwagon and when photographed wearing white chiffon and beaded accessories on the red carpet recently, her whole aura was feminine and beautiful.

You have to dare to be different to follow in the footsteps of these celebs when choosing a new hair colour, but there’s no doubt we are going to see much more over the next few months. Whether you have short, long, cropped, wavy, curly, straight or afro hair, the shades of red are endless and there will be a tone to suit you!  So if you fancy a dramatic change this season – join the red-hot trend!

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Sienna Miller, Jena Malone, Kristen Stewart, Agyness Deyn, Christina Hendricks, Bella Thorne, Amy Adams & Jared Leto (even guys can join in on this trend) [images: glamour.com]

Words By Harriet Thoy