What’s in my camera bag? #2

Leah's Kit
Leah's Kit

This week on What’s in my camera bag? We have Leah Wareham, a Photography student and analogue enthusiast who has recently joined the Platform team.


  • Pentax K1000 with Ricoh 50mm lens
  • Pentax 28-80mm lens
  • Carl Zeiss Jena 70-210mm lens
  • Auto Chinon 28m lens
  • Minolta 7000 with Minolta 50mm lens
  • Sigma 70-210mm lens

I recently added the Pentax K1000 to my camera collection and I have been obsessed with it from day one. I am a huge lover of analogue photography. In fact it was through film photography that I taught myself the basics before I came to university. Although I do have a digital camera, I have to say that my camera bag is predominantly analogue.

My ultimate favourite lens to use on my Pentax has to be the Ricoh 50mm fixed lens. I find that when I use a fixed lens my image quality tends to be better, as it forces me to move and get closer to the subject of my image.

As well as the Pentax K1000 another favourite film camera of mine is the Minolta 7000. Being younger than the Pentax it has electronic controls to adjust the ISO, aperture and shutter speed as well as having auto focus which, for those of you who struggle with the manual focusing on older film cameras, will find this easier to use.

One thing that I would love to add to my camera bag would be the 1955 Leica M3. To own any Leica would be an absolute dream, and this one in particular I have had my eye on for quite some time. The image quality is absolutely beautiful as well as being lovely and weighty as most early quality German cameras are.