Angelina Jolie’s 3 Best Winter Looks

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November has rolled around so fast! With Christmas, New Years and all those festivities around the corner it’s time to shake up our makeup routine. What we need is something that is simple for our hectic lives and a bit of inspiration:  who better to learn off than style icon Angelina Jolie?

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Required: Matte Lipstick, Black eye pencil

Here Angelina is sporting a matte red lip, keeping the rest of her face fairly minimalistic.

1)    Groom eyebrows into shape in order to frame the face. Keep natural/ avoid filling in too heavily as this will draw too much attention away from the main focus of the look: the lips.

2)    Angelina creates a cat eye using a Kohl eyeliner pencil, smudged slightly to create that soft focus. Applying only a little mascara to the top lashes.

3)    With darker colours it is best to fill in the lips with a matching shade of lip pencil, which keeps the lip colour from “bleeding”. My favorite Matte lipsticks are the Revlon Matte Balms, which keep the lips from drying out excessively like most mattes do.

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Required: Nude lipstick, Kohl eyeliner, and dark brown eye shadow

There’s nothing more seductive than a classic smoky eye!

1)    Groom and fill in brows, again avoid overfilling.

2)    Angelina creates a dark, smoky eye by layering a dark brown eye shadow over the base of her eyelid and sweeps under the bottom eyelashes. Tip: Use your eye shadow brush in a patting motion instead of a sweeping motion to get a more concentrated colour.

3)    Use a black Kohl eyeliner pencil to create signature cat eye look.

4)   Finish off the look using a nude lipstick/gloss. I highly recommend the Revlon Lip Butters, as they can be built up for a richer colour.

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Required: Brow Pencil, Black Gel/liquid eyeliner, and pale pink lipstick

A simple and feminine everyday look

1)    Groom brows into shape and fill in sparse areas with a brow pencil or wax to ensure brows stay in shape all day.

2)    Angelina uses a black liquid/gel to create a sharp winged eyeliner look. I Recommend Maybelline’s Eye Studio Lasting Drama gel eyeliner. It’s waterproof, smudge proof and offers 24 hours of wear!

3)    Layer on mascara on both tops and bottom lashes to make the eyes appear larger.

4)    Finish off with a pale pink lipstick or just a clear balm to stop the winter cold from drying out your lips.

 By Leanne Perry