BLOG – Refugee crisis: Who’s to blame?

Refugees camp outside Budapest Keleti in September 2015
Refugees camp outside Budapest Keleti in September 2015

This year the chaos and havoc which is occurring in the Middle East has fallen to our own doorstep with the recent refugee crisis. This has led to an expected vote on RAF airstrikes into Syria which is due to take place this autumn, although the Prime Minister has stressed he would only do so when there is a ‘consensus’ between the MP’s in the Houses of Parliament. As always though Britain will always follow what Obama and the USA decide to do whenever anything concerns The ‘Free World’ in relation to issues in the Middle Eastern area.
We are led to believe the reason why there are so many refugees trying to enter Europe is because of the terrorist group ISIS destroying the place which these vulnerable groups of people once inhabited, but is this really the direct reason as to why people are taken a life threatening journey across the Mediterranean sea to end up on the islands of Greece? The answer is no. Why you may ask? This is because The West has had a massive hand to play in the creation of terrorist groups like ISIS and this is very evident throughout history. Why Britain and America want to once again bomb Syria and put millions upon millions of civilian lives at risk is simple, Syria has the largest oil reserve in the Eastern Mediterranean region.

Power has a lot of factors which contribute to it and resources are one tool which helps people gain more globally, there is no better example of this than Iraq. War is profitable, as it is a means to gain power over land; this is why companies like Barclays have heavily invested in the ten biggest arms dealers in the world and why HSBC holds millions of pounds worth of shares in arms dealers all across the Globe. Occupation and cooperation equals profit making, since the first War in Iraq over one million innocent civilians have died due to the Wests hunger for black gold and the corruption of Middle Eastern governments, so companies like British Petroleum and KBR struck deals with the Iraqi governments in order to benefit off the vast amount of oil which is in the land of Iraq, they then capitalised off the events of 9/11 to come up with the myth that somewhere in Iraq there was a ‘weapon of mass destruction’. Did they find one? No, but what they did find was Rumaila oil fields. Fast forward to the present day and oil is still being illegally being extracted from Iraq for the benefit of Western businesses and corporations in order to reap in billions upon billions of pounds of profit.

This is all relevant to the creation of ISIS, as if one was to see everyone around you being flattened by the bombs falling from the sky, was forced to move out of your home and on top of this your mothers and sisters being raped by foreign soldiers you will without a doubt feel resentment towards the aggressive imperialism which is being forced upon you and hatred towards the inflictor of this destruction. The place from which this heinous, illegal war was and still is being managed from is the West. Illegal on-goings in the Middle East have been prevalent throughout time, in 1950 Mohammed Mossadegh nationalised the oil in Iran to benefit the country which he had been elected to serve, of course, this wasn’t to liking of the American and British governments. As a result Mossadegh was on the severe end of a ‘Coup d’état’ carried out by the CIA and the MI5 and was finally overthrown in 1953.

All the events which were unveiled after 2001 led to the formation of ISIS, a group who swore on the oath of the Quran that they would be the ones to put an end to Western civilization. Naturally if you are afraid of something, you want to banish it, you want to get rid of its very existence, so you yourself can live comfortably in your own skin. This was enough for natives of the Middle East to join the Islamic State, an incentive that if you fight back against the imperialists in the name of God that you will have complete liberty once again and not be held down to the forces you wish did not control you. So when Obama decided to order airstrikes over Syria in 2011, ISIS gained more support than ever before, as a direct consequence of the toll of civilian deaths, which are increasing day by day.

With all this fighting going on back and forth between Cameron, President Assad, ISIS and The Syrian Army, what are the people who want no involvement in any sort of politics which is prevailing in their home country or not willing to accept the ideologies which are being thrown at them left right and center to do? That’s right, try and escape to a place which they believe can give them and their families hope, at whatever cost, even if it means death. The saddest part about this is that these people are being rejected from the place which they believed would be a safe haven and a new start for those who they care for the most, but only because we, The Western World, refuse to acknowledge any involvement.

When West stop pointing fingers at others and start questioning the government who are supposedly doing everything in the ‘best’ interests of its people, then the crisis will continue, and not just this one, more will occur, maybe even a cluster of crises at once. Unless we act now inevitably World War III will unfold and there will be nowhere on this Earth which will be safe for anyone to refuge.

Haris Ali

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