REVIEW: In Place of Architecture

The first of a three part article, Photography students at NTU have reviewed In Place of Architecture, currently showing at Bonington Gallery, featuring work by thirteen artists. Follow the hashtag #NTUIPOA on twitter to keep up with events surrounding the exhibition.

In Place of Architecture - Photos by Leah Wareham
In Place of Architecture – Photos by Leah Wareham

In Place of Architecture portrays a group of contemporary artists, exploring the way in which photography and moving image play a part in our interpretation, perception and understanding of the architectural environment.

The exhibition touches upon how what we see in a photograph is determined by the photographer, and so this influences our interpretation and understanding of architecture – as much of our experience with architecture is a result of the photographic image, not the first hand experience.

A personal favourite of mine from the exhibition is Peter Ainsworth’s photograph Untitled from the series Zone of Transit 2011-2014. The image itself is quite abstract and it actually took me a minute to try and piece together what the photograph is of, but it depicts a tattered white washed wall with a long thin plant on the right hand side. Although quite a simplistic image it is quite textured, which with the subject simplicity works really well.

Other images that made the exhibition worth visiting for me were Martin Newth’s Room/Shutter, a very dreamlike piece I was drawn to by the colours and mixtures of patterns,  and Guy Moreton’s LW118, Skjolden, Norway, 2002/2005 and LW108, Skjolden, Norway, 2002/2005, again beautiful colourful images both with a hint of the manmade amongst the natural.

There are some definite must view photographs in this exhibition so I would highly recommend checking it out before it closes on the 11 December.