X Factor Style Notes – 21st November


Last night’s X Factor was all about love and heartbreak which was fitting when it came to some outfit choices – some I loved, some broke my heart.


Cheryl was definitely the best dressed judge last night with her red, one shoulder gown fitting in perfectly with the heartbreak and love theme. I adored the drama of it! I’m not sure about the chocker, it looked more like a cat collar than Cartier. Her hair as well just ages her – the curls were too tight, she would have suite younger, loser curls. I quite liked Nick’s suit – the Zoe Jordan-esque print made a normal black suit different and it was very much a Grimshaw outfit. He’s really impressed me this series with his outfit choices- very sartorial but showing his personal style.

Oh Rita, I know you want to be edgy but it just looked messy! The suit was ill-fitting and the cape was unnecessary, the texture looked a blanket. I think she strip it all back and show off the beautiful woman she is. However, her hair and make-up was my favourite of the judges. Another show, another suit for Simon. This Saturday he’s gone from grey which is a bad choice. He looks likes a middle aged man on his way home from work at the office, not a mega successful recording company owner. Oh Simon!

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 14.02.37

I loved the simplicity of Che’s black suit as it didn’t distract from his emotional performance. I liked the how minimal the outfit was but the the gold shinny shoes added a bit of glamour to the proceedings. Despite Rita dressing her like her mini-me, I really loved Louisa’s outfit. The cape draping detail at the back really worked well with the choir/smoke feel and her figure looked amazing! (And you know you’re a star when you can preform with no shoes on!)

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 14.03.37

This is based mainly on the hair style but 4th Impact were one of the worst dressed. The matching white suits with awkward length-ending crop tops look a little too Eurovision. Cheryl needs to start dressing them in separate outfits so their personality can come through. I absolutely love Lauren and her voice is definitely a contender for the winner’s title but please wardrobe department, put her in something other than a black body-con dress. Her Mariah Carey song presented the chance to wear a dramatic detailed dress or something short and gold like the diva herself.

By Laura Smith