Bright Nails to Banish January Blues


January; wet & windy. It’s the weird post christmas slightly depressing period when it’s very easy to become miserable and monochromatic in both your mood and wardrobe but just because it’s grey outside, that doesn’t mean your nails need to be!

Here are some ways to add a hint of spring to your manicure to hopefully brighten up your January…..


Copy Julia Engel’s pretty pink mani to add a touch of lightness and girliness into your nails (polish available here or a dupe here!


Or follow Mollie King and go for a caramel/peachy nude to start preparing for spring a little early – similar polish available here!


Eva Chen’s sophisticated manicure is both wintery and colourful – polish available here and a dupe here!

Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 17.05.06

Beat the January blues with some blue courtesy of @andreaschoice – polish available here – and Alexa Chung – similar polish here!


But, if all that fails to inspire you and you want to stick to your monochromatic ways at least mix it up a bit like @hellokatyxo!

By Amy Cooper

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