Burberry’s Schedule Change


News came out last week that Burberry are to move away from the widely accepted show schedule of an AW & SS collection, with separate shows for mens & womens wear. Instead the iconic fashion house will combine its mens & womens shows to create two season-less, multi gender collections to be released in February & September. The removal of season specific collections could allow for a greater target market, as the garments will no longer be limited to the western climate.

Burberry will showcase its two combined collections at high profile events such as London Fashion Week, but the label will no longer show at LCM, though they hope to maintain a strong presence at the presentations.


A key focal point for the new schedule is that the collections will be available to purchase directly after the show closes. Consumers will be able to access the garments both in store & online, with promotional material going live across multiple platforms at the same time.

This could help to remove the perceived secrecy of catwalk presentations, as the general consumer will no longer have to wait up to six months for the collections to be available for public purchase. The use of live social media streams on platforms such as Periscope over the past 5 years have began to aide the removal of this barrier. Currently only a select few buyers, journalists, celebrities & key members of the fashion industry are able to gain direct access to the shows, creating an elite bubble around the entire event.

This scheduling move could help to increase consumer accessibility to the brand as a whole, as well as helping to improve it’s existing respected brand identity. Burberry is one of the most iconic & recognisable brands to show at fashion weeks across the world, so for such a big name to make such a drastic change to their show process, it is possible that this new calendar will be adopted by further brands making it the new industry norm.

By Beth Bowman

1st Year Fashion Communication & Promotion 1st Year.

Instagram – @bethbowman. Blog – The Rosie Days 

*Image from Metro*