Fashion Month Bingo

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February for some is all about Valentine’s Day, for others pancakes are the first thing that come to mind, but for those who love fashion, you’ll know that February marks the start of Fashion Month. Over the next four to five weeks, we’ll get to see what all the biggest designers have in store for us for A/W 16. While the trends on the catwalk are ever changing, there are some things that you will always be able to spot. How many of these cliché’s can you find during Fashion month?

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 14.07.57

Outerwear Draped Over Shoulders

It’s become a bit of a running jokes that fashionistas from all over the world suddenly stop putting their arms in their coat sleeves during Fashion Week. Perhaps this season will see the end of this craze… Or perhaps not.

A Weird Beauty Trend

A lot of brands like to make their mark on the catwalk with a statement beauty trend, however these looks don’t always translate into real life. Some of the stranger looks we saw last season were dramatic blue eye shadow from Chanel and gold lips from Prada. I don’t know about you, but I won’t be trying these for my next night out.

Sunglasses, Indoors or Out

Anna Wintour, I’m looking at you. I can’t deny you look super cool, but is it really necessary? If anything it’s the models that need them to shield their eyes from all the flashing cameras at the end of the runway.

A Tiny Dog

Fashion Week is no place for animals! If you can afford to dress you and your dog in coordinating outfits, I’m sure you can afford a dog sitter. I’ll admit your pet is very cute though.

The ‘Hailing A Cab’ Shot

A very popular pose amongst bloggers. Do they actually get in to these cabs? I’ll never know.

Is there anything else that you spot every Fashion Month?

By Aderyn Holt

*Individual pictures not our own.*