The Pink Hair Trend That’s Hot Right Now


Plenty of celebrities and Instagram stars have been eagerly embracing the bold hair trend that everyone is keen to try. From candyfloss pinks to rosy hues to bright colour pops – here’s our pick of the best styles to covet this year!

Choppy hairstyles look amazing with this trend, and shorter hair won’t bear the brunt of bleaching! Short to mid length styles will work best here. This trend is very girly, with powdered tones and an almost-blonde colour. Hilary Duff is currently repping a contemporary layered bob with a gorgeous pastel pink.


This must-have shade has also been extensively worn by Instagram model Charlie Barker, who famously epitomizes the pink hair trend but now opts for pink with orange accents. Another popular look to try, if you’re feeling more daring, and willing to try something other than the norm.


If bubblegum is more your thing, opt for a brighter pink shade, a look that will never go out of style and show your more adventurous side. Nicole Richie sparked the bubblegum pink hair trend back in February, and other celebs – including Iggy Azalea and Kimberley Walsh – have followed suit opting for vivid styles rather than washed out tones.


By Rhiannon Wood