Topshop Unique Hits The High Street

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A kaleidoscope of textures; silk, leather, shearling, crushed velvet and feathers… Top shops spring summer Unique collection is now in store.

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Topshop state that the collection is ‘shaking up a quintessential British garden party‘ through giving classic garments a ‘rebellious prettiness’.  The wardrobe staple tea-dress is making a comeback, Topshop have allegedly sexed up‘ the classic silhouette with a plunging neck line and (God forbid) a flash of leg. I disagree with the rebellious Brit persona that the collection allegedly creates but I do think the collection screams prettiness. Congratulations Topshop, you nearly hit the mark.

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Prices range from £85.00 to £1250.00. With 64 signature pieces to complete the collection, you’ll be sure to find something that takes your fancy but hopefully it doesn’t break the bank in the process.

“The Unique girl knows how to have a good time – so the styling has a certain nonchalance. It’s about pushing the sleeves up on a coat, leaving your blouse slightly undone or wearing a cardigan thrown off one shoulder.” Beth Fenton, Topshop Unique Stylist

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The Coterill jumpsuit in navy blue is a personal favourite of mine. 100% viscose with long sleeves make it perfect for colder spring days and teamed with the right earrings, glamorous summer nights.

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Another stand out piece are the Wourdour sandals in sky blue. The cone heal adds an edgy feel to the shoe which contrasts to the pretty pastel blue of the straps. You know what they say, ‘give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world’. Thanks to Topshop this spring you too can be on top form.

If you fancy taking away any of the unique collection for the coming season make sure to do so quickly, many sizes are already out of stock on-line! Let us know what you think of the collection and make sure to check out Topshop Unique A/W 16 show at London Fashion Week.

By Alexandra Reed

First Year Fashion Communication & Promotion Student