Varsity 2016 Preview: NTU archery looking to hit the target

NTU Archery at BUCS
NTU Archery at BUCS

Archery runs the veins of Robert Gray. Having first picked up a bow at the tender age of three he’s honed in on his craft and competed in junior championships around the world. With the varsity adrenaline pumping Robert is hoping Trent keep their cool and perform at their best.

“The team is looking forward to the varsity match,” says the Sports Education and Special Inclusive Education student. “This will be our first ever varsity so we are hoping to win the first one, although it has been close in other competitions throughout the season we are feeling pretty confident.

“For varsity we have got the team checking over their equipment and some people upgrading their own equipment. It can have a big effect on how you perform so we are looking at all areas to try and get the win.”

NTU have defeated their varsity rivals two times already this year, the latest in a 10-9 thriller to advance to the quarter finals of the British Uni Team Championships in early March. Unfortunately for Trent  they were eliminated in the next round by the University of Oxford, but it was the team’s best performance in the competition.

The sport has two BUCS a year – an indoor one and an outdoor one. Trent’s men finished 8th out of 50 Uni’s in the country but it’s not the only competition that has occupied our archers’ time.

“We felt we could of done better in the indoor BUCS but we were still happy with the result.

“We also have a league call BUTTS where 8 unis from the midlands all compete at 4 different stages and this weekend we just finished the last stage and we finished 6th overall but this is the biggest and top league in the whole of the UK so we were happy with this result.”

Archery will be part of the first Super Wednesday at Ruddington, UoN, on Wednesday April 27. The idea has gone down well with Robert and the Trent archer believes it can help boost the sports popularity.

Robert Gray tips Trent to win Varsity archery
Robert Gray tips Trent to win Varsity archery

“The new Super Wednesdays in the varsity are a great idea!  It means most clubs have a varsity and means people can watch some sports they may not have seen before.

Full Super Wednesday fixtures can be found here.

“I am confident of a Trent win,” Robert adds with enthusiasm. “It’s because of how training has been going for not just me but the whole team are putting some fantastic scores in.”

For those of you who might be interested in Archery it’s not too late to give it a try. Head on down to the Lee Westwood Centre on a Wednesday afternoon where the team hold open training sessions for anyone. If you lack the necessary equipment then fear not as NTU Archery Club has you covered.

For more information on Trent Archery check out their Facebook and Twitter pages.

James Bavin