Basketball For Beginners

Photo by Victoria Colquhoun-Postill
Photo by Victoria Colquhoun-Postill

The passion for supporting Trent was severely underestimated before the game. Walking into the Motorpoint Stadium, the left side of the stands were dotted with pink foam fingers and t-shirts spinning in the air to the background noise of the Baywatch theme tune. If anyone was ever in any doubt, the Trent Army was definitely there.

Confession time: we’d never been to a basketball game before. Actually, we’d never even watched a basketball game before. But we arrived, eager to learn. And learn we did.

There are five players on the court.

These players are called the point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward and center. Due to the lack of numbers, the players are able to ‘travel’ all over the court and the players are changed around often.

The game is 40 minutes, divided into 4 lots of 10 minutes.

This stops the game from becoming boring and monotonous. Plus the break time entertainment keeps you on your feet.

Photo by Victoria Colquhoun-Postill

The goals switch sides at half time.

This is a very important rule if you don’t want to make a fool of yourself and cheer for the wrong team leading to an awkward second half. A lesson one of us learnt the hard way.

Points are scored differently depending on where the player shoots.

If a player shoots outside of the three-point arc the team will score three points. Shoot within the three-point arc, the team will receive two points. All penalties will be taken from the free-throw line and they’ll score one point.

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Photos by Victoria Colquhoun-Postill

You need to come equipped with chants.

Unless you want to sit with the UoN (whose best chant was degrading our degree status) you need to know your chants, including the now iconic “T-R-E-N-T, we are the Trent Army” and variations of the Hacka as demonstrated by rows 16-18.

Trent are the champions.

The last ten minutes affected our emotions more than we could have prepared for – who knew we were so competitive. From the start of the final quarter, UoN were leading with a six point advantage but we managed to fight our way to a final win of 76-72.

Photo by Victoria Colquhoun-Postill

By Laura Smith & Olivia Lloyd