Varsity 2016 Preview: ‘The Nottingham Boat Race’

NTU Men's 'eight:' The first ever Oxbridge inspired Varsity rowing series is set to be oar-some
NTU Men's 'eight:' The first ever Oxbridge inspired Varsity rowing series is set to be oar-some

Varsity season is less than a month away now and with anticipation hotly building on both sides, this series looks to be one of the best in recent years. For the first time in official varsity history, Nottingham Trent’s rowing society will be taking on The University of Nottingham in the ‘Varsity Boat Race’. We look ahead to see who might take the crown in the first ever official Varsity Boat Race?

Gaining inspiration from the famous annual boat race between Oxford and Cambridge University, both Universities in Nottingham will now have one to call their own.

Nottingham Trent’s rowing squad has been running 11 training sessions every week with incredibly early starts at 6am, preparing for a day of profound competitive rowing action.

May the forth be with you, Trent…

NTU’s men and women’s teams will be racing during the second ‘Super Wednesday’ on May 4 2016.

Each team will consist of eight rowers and a cox, who coordinates the power and rhythm of the rowers, each team is therefore known as an ‘eight’.

Four races will be taking place on the day, with the women’s reserve team taking the helm and racing first at 9:15am

Reserve men will take up oars at 9:30am, before the women and men’s Varsity teams begin the ultimate race between Nottingham Trent and the University of Nottingham.

Varsity women will start at 10:00am with the men’s team following shortly after at 10:30am.

Each race will be a one kilometre downstream sprint along the River Trent, starting at Wilford Suspension Bridge and finishing with a splash at the University of Nottingham’s Boathouse.

How have Trent stacked up in the past?

In past events Trent has been rowing at a slightly slower pace in comparison to the University of Nottingham, but they have not been beaten out of the water just yet.

A five kilometre race at BUCS Head Newcastle saw the University of Nottingham men’s team take Trent by 3.1 seconds.

Following the race at BUCS, a seven kilometre race at Head of the River in London saw Trent’s team pull closer to the University of Nottingham, this time losing by a marginal 2.8 seconds.

On the women’s side, the University of Nottingham are known to have a strong crew, but the women’s senior team for Trent has retaliated and recruited many talented new rowers.

Preseason training over Easter has seen vast improvements to Trent’s very determined women’s team, which will lead to intense rivalry come May 4.

Trent have evidently been drawing in and are hoping to send the University of Nottingham to Davy Jones’ Locker on the day.

Why not come down for a bite to eat?

To temp a wider crowd there will also be a barbeque outside the University of Nottingham’s Boathouse, located down the river from Trent Bridge, past Nottingham Forest’s football ground.

If you are looking for a great place to watch the rowing, Trent’s rowing society recommends watching from the stepped embankment, located next to Trent Bridge.

Come down and support Trent Army’s rowing teams in this very historic varsity series against UoN.

A full list of fixtures can be accessed here.

Joe Locker