Emerge Spotlight: Nicola Payne

Photo by Nicola Payne
Photo by Nicola Payne

NTU’s 20th annual photo festival Emerge kicks off on May 23rd, and Platform’s Photo Editor Callum Baigrie is following the build up to what is turning out to be one of the biggest and best shows yet. Read more about the festival here.

On the run up to the festival, Platform are speaking to some of the photographers exhibiting. We’ll be finding out who is inspiring them, what their projects are about, and what they plan to do after the festival closes. Nicola Payne looks into the relationship of the interior and exterior through architectural photographs.

Photo by Nicola Payne
Photo by Nicola Payne

What is your degree show project about?
My project focuses on architectural photography and the relationship between interior and exterior space. this relationship has become an increasing factor in contemporary architecture, allowing human life and nature to blend in and around the home. Buildings are being designed to incorporate features that allow a seamless transition between the two. Such design features include glass facades/balustrades, flushed thresholds, canopies and windows for light.

Which photographers/artists are inspiring this body of work?
My main photographic inspiration has been the book ‘Infinite Space’ by Gestalten with photographs by James Silverman. He has captured the flow between the interior living space and the landscape that surrounds those homes. Other inspiration has come from architects, looking at design features that are used to create this relationship.

What do you plan on doing after you graduate?
After graduation I will continue as a freelance photographer, shooting weddings and other commissions. Alongside this I will continue to build my portfolio so that in the future I can pursue a career as an architectural photographer working in the commercial sector.

Nicola will be exhibiting at Nottingham Playhouse. Check out more of Nicola’s work on the Emerge website here.