Trend Alert: The Braid

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One of the biggest trends seen in lookbooks and on social media for s/s16 is braids. Braids are so practical for spring/summer because it keeps your hair out of your face and stops you from getting sweaty whilst looking cute (also an excellent clubbing hairstyle). Plus, they often look way more complicated than they are so everyone will be impressed! There are many different ways one can wear a braid and they can be varying in sizes and amounts. Hopefully this article will demonstrate this to you and give you some ideas for the coming warmer months.

Here are some examples of ‘braidspiration’ and links to some braid tutorials for you all!

Braid gurus

These 3 girls are amazing to get some braid inspiration and tutorials from. They know their stuff:

  1. Kassinka
  2. Aspyn Ovard
  3. Free People


Here are some general images of braids to get you in the plaiting mood

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 15.26.08

Get plaiting!!!

By Amy Cooper