FCP Degree Show @ NTU

The NTU Degree shows are currently up around the university campus for the school of Art & Design. From Graphics to Interior & Spacial Design, the shows encompass the many aspects of the school. As a first year Fashion Communication & Promotion student, our degree show, branded FLIP, was the first point of call. Split across three rooms, the shows include students dissertations, self devised outcomes & examples of work from the live projects that take place throughout the year. FCP dissertations are a great contrast to the usual spiral bound word document that is handed in on many courses. The written content is equally as important as the visuals; our dissertations closely resemble professional standard magazines, helping to visually convey each projects ideas & aesthetics.
  The final, self devised projects are an opportunity for students to show self expression though visual & written media. Subject areas include themes such as a need for unity in the gay community & look into how sustainable living can improve life quality. The chosen themes don’t have to have a direct correlation to the fashion industry, which helps to provide a wide range of pieces that cover a multitude of interests. The show itself has been designed & executed entirely by the course committee; this complete creative freedom made for a perfectly on trend show, presenting each individuals work to the best of its potential.

The shows run throughout campus until Friday June 10th – Share you experiences of the show using #flipntu #ntudegreeshow.

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By Beth Bowman

First Year Fashion Communication & Promotion Student.

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