Freshers Week Playlist

This is it the moment you’ve been waiting for you’ve received the envelope with the Nottingham Trent logo on it confirming your place here at NTU. That’s when the excitement kicks in you start banging on your keyboard searching the web for the things you should take, fresher mistakes, the do’s and donts and there it creeps in. The anxiety and dread of living in a city that you may have never been in with people you’ve never met, fear not my friend this freshers week playlist will take you from the moment you get that confirmation from NTU to you packing your bags and suitcases to when you finally settle down into your new room.


1.Congratulations- MGMT

From this psychedelic infused dream like track by the one and only MGMT,  you can already guess what is pending… a MASSIVE congratulations for accepting your place here at NTU. One of the best places to be studying for your academic years ahead. If this track had a place in the English dictionary it would be for the definition of euphonious, with sweet-sounding vocals and head bopping bass chords this is one of those songs that are guaranteed to make you sit back and calm those moving to uni nerves.

2.If I ever feel better- Phoenix

This track opens up with hazy synths and thumping bass chords accompanied by Mars expressing a cliche statement “they say an end can be a start”. In which in this case is very accurate if it’s your first time in university it can be daunting however it’s a place and time for you to do and experience new and exciting things that you may have never dreamed you’d be doing. The upbeat and funkiness of this song can help take your mind away from the anxiety of being in a new environment whilst you groove away to dreamy vocals, rhythmic beats and catchy hooks.

3.Move On Up- Curtis Mayfield

Not sure I can do much justice for this song other than the fact that the title says it all, this is a timeless track that can make anyone get up and start dancing and feeling proactive, hence why I’d recommend this to be your unpacking song you’ll probably be done unpacking by the time this song finishes.


4.Drink, Dance, Play- Young Kato

If it isn’t you, someone has probably already plugged the speakers in and started playing some classic party hits just so everyone can be at ease. However why not play Young Katos track that fits a stereotypical fresher like life to a T, Of course all those three combined is great. Although this is definitely a song to get everyone up on their feet with fast paced rhythmic guitar chords, clapping inducing beats and euphonious vocals this can be the perfect song to start up a party and get the night going.

By Leila Roble 

Written By