Nottingham International Film Festival


A grand, mainstream film festival might just be what our quirky city needs. Bought to us from Manchester this international festival adopts Nottingham as its third creative child. Platform met the duo who debuts the festival next week at the Savoy cinema.
Over a coffee at the SU they revealed ‘Making a short film is a craft’ as film makers themselves they strived to bring this craft to our very doorstep.

From programming to directing, the craft of short film making  forms a unique cinematic experience not everyone usually has the chance to explore.When we think of big genre Film festivals we mostly envision the infamous Sundance or other fancy European film festivals which albeit incredible are not so accessible to us students or the general public.

Nottingham, chosen for its strong story telling history will be joining Oxford and Manchester in the eclectic International film festival collection launching on Friday the  7th of October, right  to the Sunday the 9th .This will not only offer quality short films but is following by an after party at Daskino will be doubling as a studio workshop with the filmmakers to discuss their visions with the audience.

This is session is brilliant for those new to short to short films as crafting a film stems from programming and branches out into a core knowledge of the industry itself. It’s about the learning curves one must take on the journey in finding the reasoning as to why they’re making the film at all. This kind of background information is what makes this festival so outstanding as you can hear it raw from the horse’s mouths.
Highlights not to be missed at the festival include the Oliver Nias, Director of crime thriller ’79 Parts’ and his New york based film ‘ Hear The Silence ‘ featuring in Daskino.79_parts_poster-2
Watch the trailer for ‘ 79 parts’ here:


Also, not to be missed is the euphoric high ‘Made in Tawain’ repped by a brother and sis duo who will be answering your questions at the after party.
Watch the trailer here:

Be sure to grab a ticket to the festival for a real broad flavor of a variety of quality films and a chance to chat to one of the directors.



Other great films include: she_posterphoto-1-hrediestille_still_04_150dpi_rgb_hpposter-ocposter-image



Tickets are now on sale at: