Welcome to all daring to join us for another spectacular year with platform.We have a myriad of writers dying to give you all the latest on music, fashion, culture, sport, lifestyle and so many more! Plus with the introduction of confessions; who wouldn’t want to hear exactly how the left lion got placed on campus? Or perhaps some expert advise on how to safely return it without any cause for alarm.

Nottingham is a beautiful city it’s full of lights, music, food and adventure!
Whether it be the fascinating locals or the quirky cafes, you will be sure to find a hidden secret within each narrowed alleyway.I’m not advising you go snooping around in the middle of the night ( we all know curiosity killed that cat). But let us illuminate those places for you…


Ever wondered about the secret life of bartenders? What confessions you’re flatmates have to share? or maybe an honest review of that band’s below-par-album? Platform plans on delivering that and more…

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